The Trefecta is constructed by engineers that draw on a background in the aerospace and aircraft industry. Naturally the bar is set to the highest standards. We grant warranty conditions that translate this confidence.

To ensure the sensational Trefecta performance we urge you to adhere to the advice described in our users manual that you receive at purchase.

Our warranty conditions are outlined underneath in several sections. Trefecta only supplies e-bikes in preassembled form through our webshop and official Trefecta dealers. Any preparations for riding safely can only be done by specialised Trefecta dealers or mechanics.

The following warranty conditions specify the warranty services provided by Trefecta to the buyer and the requirements for making warranty claims.

1. Warranty covered products

The warranty only covers new Trefecta products that were purchased from the Trefecta webshop or an official Trefecta dealer. All other parts and components are excluded from this warranty.

2. Warranty period

Trefecta grants the following warranty periods from the date of delivery:

  • Frame – lifelong
  • Other Trefecta parts – 2 years

3. Warranty exclusion

The following components/parts and situations are excluded from this warranty or lead to exclusion from this warranty:

  • Technical changes are made to the bicycle without the approval of the manufacturer
  • Later alteration/additions involving incompatible or non-original parts
  • Non-Trefecta parts/components
  • Consequential damage
  • Repair of the problem by the Trefecta dealer is possible
  • Inappropriate use/transport
  • Missing warranty inspection within appropriate period
  • Inappropriate maintenance (check the users manual)
  • Damage due to missing or faulty adjustment or worn components
  • Consequences of a fall
  • Damage due to weather effects or normal wear
  • Damage due to unsuitable cleaning agents or additives, or tools such as high-pressure cleaners
  • Commercial lending/hiring

4. Scope of the warranty service

The scope of warranty service is dependent on the service level applicable to the buyer.

If service level 1 applies, one mobile service moment is included in the warranty. This entails a Trefecta service mechanic will visit you to provide the need maintenance. This includes repair or replacement with equivalent parts/components at the discretion of Trefecta, provided that the model and/or colour of the replacement may deviate from that of the replaced part.

If service level 2 applies the warranty only applies to the parts, but not to the labour of the any service.

No warranty claims exist in addition to those mentioned above.

5. Submitting warranty claims and warranty procedures

Warranty claims are to be submitted to your Trefecta dealer or to the product support division in the form of a copy of a warranty card and a purchasing receipt from your Trefecta dealer.

We will report your warranty claim, including pictures and the serial numbers of the defective parts and the frame number, to Trefecta who will decide on further procedures immediately after receiving the warranty request. Parts that require inspection will be detached, cleaned and forwarded to Trefecta as required.

The assembly and basic adjustment must be performed by an official Trefecta affiliate. All warranty claims can be rejected when this requirement is not met.

6. Severability clause

The legal effectiveness of the remaining clauses is unaffected if one clause of these warranty conditions is or becomes ineffective or has a legal loophole that needs to be closed. A valid clause that comes as close as possible to the original intent of the ineffective or missing clause shall be deemed to have been agreed upon.

7. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This purchasing contract is subject to Dutch law with the exclusion of conflict-of-law rules and the agreement of the United Nations concerning the international purchase of goods (UN Purchasing Law).








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